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In Sydney, new drinking holes are frequently opening up and diversifying the bar scene. Surry Hills is no exception, and lately there’s been a certain trend emerging in the style of bars that have opened up in this notoriously on-trend suburb. Over the past year, a number of popular Americano style bars have emerged – bars which are distinctly American in style, with a fusion of Mexican, tex-mex and ‘wild west’ influences.

Serving an array of typically American fare – from peanuts, to hot dogs, to tex-mex tacos and burritos, these bars are adding a funky element to the Surry Hills bar scene.

Try these out:

The Norfolk – Located on Cleveland Street, The Norfolk is an interesting blend of diner meets cantina style pub. Regulars are drawn by the taco menu (only $5 on Tuesdays!) and the interesting drink specials including margaritas, tequila espresso, sarsaparilla iced tea, and shot combos.

The Carrington – Recently renovated this once run down pub has been converted into a Spanish cum American bar. On the menu you’ll find sliders with a twist (calamari sliders, for example), and interesting cocktail specials. The interior is wooden paneled and cosy – you’ll want to settle in for the afternoon or night!

The Flinders – Classic American dive bar in style, The Flinders has been revived as a Surry Hills institution. With excellent music and a laid back vibe, its low-lit interior is fitted with an eclectic assortment of memorabilia from old signs and beer cans, to old VCR movies and graffiti tags. It’s New Orleans in style, and perfect for a dance and an interesting drink. The Pickleback – a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice – is a good one to start with.

Shady Pines Saloon – True to its name, Shady Pines Saloon is an American style saloon with all the trimmings. Longhorn steers on the walls, round tables, and an assortment of other decorative pieces including American Indian statues dot the interior. This country and western style bar is consistently busy, thanks to its excellent drinks selection and it’s seemingly invisible location – if you didn’t know where to find it you wouldn’t know it was there!

There are a number of interesting new bars in the Surry Hills area paying homage to ‘the land of the free’. From your Surry Hills hotel you’ll be within easy reach of these venues so be sure to check them out. If you’re visiting Sydney and looking for a hotel, Surry Hills is the ideal location from which to explore all that the city has to offer.

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