Property Manager NSW is a professional engineering services company based in Toronto, Canada. Specializing in:

– Property Management

– Construction and Project Management

– Professional Engineering Services Our experience can help you manage your property better, manage your small or large upgrades, and provide you with expertise, and alternatives and cost savings. We can save you money and at the same time improve your investment. We understand today’s economic realities.

SERVICES Property Management:

– Are you paying too much and getting very little from your Property Managers?

– Are you getting competitive quotes for your building’s contracts? – What is the perception of your residents?

– Our clients can also take advantage of our in-house services. We have excellent prices for: cleaning services, security services, mechanical and electrical services, engineering and project management services, book keeping, accounts payable/receivable, reserve fund experts, legal experts Project

Management and Construction Management:

– Property Manager Evaluations

– Improve your property manager’s performance by documenting how she is really doing using our non-confrontational valuation methods, and set and achieve short and long term goals

– Tendering, Contract Administration, and Project Management

– Get the best value in your contracts and complete your project on time and on budget

– Outstanding Deficiencies and Final Audits – Keep track of your property’s deficiencies and make repairs quickly – Conflict Management and Facilities

– Resolve issues with contractors and subs in a non-confrontational way to achieve the best performance

-Asset Management andFacilities Maintenance – Put in place controls to maximize the long term value of your assets and protect them in the future Professional Engineering Services: – As-built Drawings – We can compile as-built drawings for your property

– Digitizing Records – Digitize your records to make sure your superintendent and maintenance staff have access to the most up to date details

– Operation Manuals

– We write equipment operations manuals for all mechanical and electrical equipment to train your existing and future staff

– Emergency Planning – Prepare your property and staff for any potential emergency situation by putting in place protocols and response procedures

Online Solutions:

We also provide secure web based services to help you manage your projects efficiently, including:

– Records, accounts payable and receivable, copies of all correspondence, meeting agendas and minutes, resolutions, vendor lists, previous reserve fund study records

– Approval-workflow to manage your resources – Digital data and building records such as as-built drawings

– Equipment operations manuals, safety procedures,monitoring

– Copies of contracts, Requests For Quotations, change orders, meeting minutes, progress payment records

– Emergency procedures and protocols

– Training materials for all new staff, including superintendents, building operators, and property managers EXPERIENCE With more than 20 years of experience in both private and public sectors, we can help you manage your property and take control of your projects.

We bring with us a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as access to various professional resources if need be, such as lawyers, engineering specialists, auditors, accountants, and book keepers. We will help you save money as well as meet your residents needs and expectations. CONTACT   Property Management

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