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Weight-loss management is a new and growing field in many parts of the world. With increasing work-pressures, stress, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and/or hormonal problems, obesity is one of the big killer-diseases of our age.

One of the effective methods of achieving success in weight-loss is hypnotherapy. When used in combination with education, life-style changes, counseling and monitored dieting, hypnotherapy in places like New South Wales (NSW) Australia have become very popular, effective ways of shedding excess flab.

Hypnotherapy methods in NSW have proved effective in many cases as a permanent solution. Since the goal is to suggest life-style changes and alter harmful habits, this method is a useful psychological tool.

Factors that make hypnotherapy effective:

Longer term solution: Making positive alterations to life-style is more effective than going on crash or fad diets, surgical methods or getting obsessed with exercise. Hypnotherapy often suggests alternatives to compulsive snacking, sedentary lifestyle or unhealthy eating habits etc. which come in the way of weight-loss.

Helps in positive self-imaging: Low self-esteem and poor self-image are factors in weight-gain. Hypnotherapy in NSW has been effective in assisting people to develop positive feelings about themselves. It also helps people to develop a positive attitude towards achieving their weight-loss goals.

Relaxation: Hypnotherapy helps people to de-stress. This is very effective since stress is a big factor in weight-gain. In NSW, hypno-therapists have found that a step-by-step approach is more useful and gives the patient a sense of achievement and relaxation, leading to a gradual positive outcome.

Subconscious suggestions: Logically everyone knows that fatty snacks, sugary drinks and processed foods are harmful but they are not able to control their impulses.

Hypnotherapy in well-developed urban centers like NSW concentrate on educating the subconscious mind so that the patient can overcome deep-seated resistances and replace these harmful habits with healthier alternatives. Maintaining weight-loss is also much easier with hypnotherapy techniques.

Converting into goals: The approach of hypnotherapy in centers in NSW is to transform the issue into a goal. For instance quitting smoking or obesity management is seen as a goal to be achieved and not merely a problem. Emotional obstacles to “solving the problem” can be overcome this way.

Combination: Hypnotherapy is not a single-window solution. It is most effective when used with counseling, medical and family/friend’s support. In long-term treatment, hypnotherapy can be used to treat asthma, obesity, enuresis, migraine, smoking, anxiety and addictions.

While opting for hypnotherapy, ensure that you go to a qualified hypno-therapist in your area of NSW, who has been trained and certified by the Australian Society of Hypnosis. A list of such members is available with the Society’s State Branch Office.

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