Property Management Fees Northern Beaches


If you are a traveller or a holiday lover who come to Northern Cyprus to spend your Northern Cyprus holidays then surely by seeing the beauty of the island will decide to spend all your life here. When you will make up your mind to spend your life here among Cypriots as a Cypriot then you should need to know how to get permanent residence certificate.


Anybody who would like to live in North Cyprus will have to obtain residence permission from Turkish republic here. If you are here on your holidays and have already spend three months then you need to obtain temporary residence permission.


If you would like to get settled here in Kyrenia Northern Cyprus or Famagusta Northern Cyprus then it is necessary that you should obtain permanent residence approval.


Most of the offices are open only in between 8:30am to 12 noon. If you are wishing to obtain temporary residence visa in Northern Cyprus then you will have to pay for the application. The fee may decrease or may also be increased from time to time. It is advisable that you should take the help of a lawyer as the laws may change may or may undergo changes from time to time. Apply for the visa when you think of settling down here for more than your three month holidays. If you do not do this then you are going to face some sort of legal action.


If you spend even a single day after completion of your three month’s stay here then you will have to pay a fine.

When you wish to get settled down here then approach a counsellor (Muhtar) here. The authorities will then check whether you have got any sort of North Cyprus properties here or whether you have bought some land or a house or something.


They will see the rental contract or purchase contract and then will issue an approval letter or in other words Resident’s Certificate. You will have to fill in the information in the form given. All information would be verified. Immigration authorities will take action if any information you have submitted is not true.


You will also have to undergo a blood test as well. Only licensed clinics in Kyrenia, Nicosia or Gazimagusa should be visited for blood testing purpose. You will have to give the proof of your nationality whenever you are asked to.



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