North Sydney Property Managers

An experienced pest inspector in Sydney can tell you many horror stories such as how people’s dream homes were turned into nightmares because of pest infestations. With the warm area in this part of Australia, pests can quickly go from a nuisance to a large expense for a homeowner. This is why hiring a pest inspector before there is a problem is so important.

Take Craig and Angela. They always dreamed of having a home in the North Beaches area of Sydney. And after many months searching they found one that they could just afford. The house looked great from the outside and inside and the price was right. It was love at first sight money was tight so they decided to buy without having an inspection.

Two days after they had moved in Craig walked into one of his kids bedrooms and put his foot through the floor!

When the pest inspector was called in he told Craig and Angela the Termites had eaten away the underneath of the floorboards in the room and were also eating away behind the walls.

Pest Inspection Best Methods

If you are planning to buy a property in the North Beaches Area and you call a pest inspector make sure they will thoroughly inspect every part of the property both inside and out.

These are just a few of the places, which should be thoroughly checked. Any cracks in the foundations that could allow insects to get in should be checked. Under the floors and behind the walls and any carpeting should be checked for signs of insect activity as well.

All the plumbing in the property should also be checked for any sign of leaks- cockroaches just love water! The interior of the roof will need to be checked for birds or squirrels nests. Rafters must be checked for signs of insects like beetles and ants and the Australian special…the green blowfly.

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