Property Management Fees Kings Cross

Tianjin General Residential District to regulate the property management fees, and maintain property owners and property services Enterprise Legitimate rights and interests, and promote the healthy development of the property management industry, city and municipal Land and Housing Development and Reform Commission jointly for the 2003 “ordinary commercial residential district in Tianjin, property management fees Regulations” were revised. The revised “General Residential District, Tianjin Property Management Service Charges” and “the Tianjin property management services to ordinary residential and guidance prices Standard “(Hereinafter referred to as” measures “and” standard “) will be implemented since December 1. Order to make the building owners and property service companies better understand the new “procedures” and “standard” the relevant provisions of this newspaper interviewed on the relevant issues related to department heads.

Basic service fee property management form and scope of price control

Currently, the city property management fees for basic services and government guidance Market Two forms of price regulation. The new “approach” to define the general residential property management fees for basic services, government guidance.

Non-residential and villa Hotels Apartments and other high-end residential property management market adjusted fees for basic services.

Constitute a property management service fees

New “approach” to constitute a property management service fees were clear that the basic services including property management fees and electrical facilities and equipment maintenance costs to run two daily fee.

Property management service fee is property development and construction services company accepted units, the owners commissioned by the General Assembly, in accordance with the contract of property services, housing and supporting facilities and equipment and related facilities for conservation and management, maintenance of property management in the region Environment Health and related service fees charged by the order.

Basic service charge of property management is common in residential property management services to integrated management, sanitation, public order maintenance, green conservation, common area maintenance expenses incurred by the five services. The new “measures” original “means” in housing management and repair and maintenance facilities and equipment changes for the unity of the two parts of common parts and repair and maintenance, facilities and equipment will be involved in the conservation of mechanical and electrical facilities and equipment assigned to the content of the daily operation maintenance. These services were also on the service standards, service frequency was refined to quantify.

Mechanical and electrical facilities and equipment maintenance costs is the day to day running average residential property management services in the elevator, to the Drainage system , Strong or weak electrical system (electronic security doors, video intercom door, electronic patrol system, household alarm, perimeter alarm, electronic display, the central Monitoring System , Landscape, etc.), fire protection system, lightning protection systems, aviation obstruction lights, water features (including the fountain) and electrical facilities and equipment to run the daily maintenance costs incurred. Thus, as long as the configuration of the general residential district within any of the above facilities must pay the appropriate mechanical and electrical facilities and equipment to run the daily maintenance fee.

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