Rental Property Management Eastern Suburbs

With tough economic conditions and problems of finding mortgage finance it is very important to find affordable yet viable housing in the Cape Town Property for sale market.

This is especially true if you are a first time buyer and a late entrant in the boom. Accessibility is very important if you are scaling down as a retiree or you need to sale up for your growing family.

Yet affordable housing is not a fantasy as there are still certain Cape Town suburbs that will give you the quality of life that you want without putting you in debt forever. A well built and decent home between R600, 000 to 3 million Rands is not a myth. Starting from compact apartments favored by young couples to larger detached homes there is still value for money to be got in the Cape Town Properties for sale if you know where to look for it.

Cape Town properties in the southern suburbs are known for their quality family lifestyle and their sizeable homes with large plots. Positioned near the University of Cape Town and many other top schools its reputation is well founded. Most first time buyers would love to own a piece of this real estate dream but balk at what they think will be extremely high price tags.

This however doesnt have to be so as you will find out if you do the round of agents listed in that area. The good news for budget buyers is that there are a number of options available here for both first time entry level buyers and young couples who want a share of the Cape Town property pie. Numbers of choices are also there for buyers looking to trade up and upgrade to larger family homes.

A great place to find your ideal Cape Town property is in the townships of the Southern Suburbs like Claremont, Kenilworth, Observatory and Pinelands, now have a large selection of houses prices below the 3 million Rands mark. In Tokai and in parts of Bergvliet, it is still not impossible to locate an 800sqm, 3-4 bedroom haven that is within your budget.

A very popular suburb is that of Harfield Village which has been getting increasingly popular with entry level buyers like couples without children. These lovely finds come with their own medium size easy to mange plots, sturdy, well designed houses and centralized location. You can still buy a 4 bedroom house with two garages here for as little as 2.35 million Rands. There is also some activity in this Cape Town property market from parents who are buying their student children sectional units to start them of.

Another Cape Town property market is in Central City where you can get a entry level apartment right at the centre of the business district for about 500,000 Rands. A cool bachelor pad is yours for between 1-2 million Rands. These are great for professional who work in the city and can be saved as future investment for their potential for rental income.

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