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The Mandarin Centre Chatswood Food Court is a favorite destination for the lunch time crowd, particularly those who are looking to sate themselves on Oriental and Chinese dishes. If there is one thing the Mandarin Centre Chatswood Food Court is known for, it is authentic taste. There is also a wide range of choices from restaurants that serve Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indonesian to those that offer fusion cuisine. So what else can you expect from the Mandarin Centre Chatswood Food Court? Here is just a small list of what’s waiting for you:

Fast and easy service
Food servings are prepared in easy to prepare portions so hungry customers do not have to wait too long for their orders. This helps a lot particularly if you’re just trying to grab a quick bite and have to head out someplace else.

Authentic taste
The Mandarin Centre Chatswood Food Court has a reputation for serving authentic Asian food. For great taste and variety, the Centre is an unbeatable place to be. Craving true Indonesian food with all its layers of flavor and spices? Can’t wait for rice and vegetables, mixed seafood and thick, right-to-the-bite Chinese noodles? The Mandarin Centre offers plenty of choices for customers looking for traditional cuisine, gourmet food or an adventurous interpretation of an old favorite.

The Mandarin Centre Chatswood Food Court is clean and organized, with brightly lit food stalls with easy to view display for their dishes. It is often crowded during lunch hour and around dinner time when people start pouring in to eat. People looking for a fine dining experience will not find it here because the Mandarin Centre is just not set up for it.

However, for people who find the noisy, lively atmosphere of most food courts and the food markets of major Asian cities, the Centre is a terrific place to be, alive, colorful and inviting.

Best laksa?
Many visitors and frequent customers swear that the Mandarin Centre Chatswood offers the best laksa dish in Sydney. The popular soup made from spicy noodles and a mix of ingredients is a favorite among many lunch goers and those looking for a hot and spicy dish to warm up a hungry stomach. A popular destination? May’s. The shop offers authentic Malaysian dishes that customers look forward to everyday. Their laksa is their signature dish but their nasi goreng and char kway teow (stir-fried noodles) are also excellent.

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